For men or women, this
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product has the ability to provide unquestionable evidence of infidelity and is designed specifically for ease of use in the home. The original
CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit is so powerful, it can actually make all other forms of infidelity investigation virtually obsolete. All testing is done in the comfort and privacy of your own home and there's no cutting or staining of the suspected garment. With CheckMate, you do the test and only you know the results, in seconds. Semen stains can be detected on unwashed articles for many years when stored at normal room temperature, so absolutely any garment, of any color, that you suspect has been stained with semen as the result of recent sexual activity can quickly, easily and accurately be tested with the patent pending CheckMate semen detection products. CheckMate's proprietary patent pending technology eliminates all possibility of false testing results, and we guarantee it.

Here's how it works, after sexual intercourse all women experience what is referred to as "Flowback". This "Flowback" causes a woman to have traces of dried semen in her undergarments long after every sexual encounter. If the woman in question has recently engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse, these traces of semen can be instantly detected in her panties or undergarments by simply using the
CheckMate Infidelity Test Kit. She brings the evidence home to you and doesn't even know it. Typically, a woman will continue to secrete small amounts of semen for up to 72 hours after sexual intercourse, even after showering! If you suspect she may have recently engaged in sexual activity, simply obtain the undergarments worn by her during the suspected episode and do the test. If you have not had sexual intercourse with her in the last 7 days and you obtain a positive test result, there is absolutely no way out of it, she engaged in sexual relations with someone other than yourself and infidelity has now been proven. If the test result is negative, you just changed your life for the better, instead of destroying it by making unfounded accusations.

She was saying no, no, no... after telling her about the test results, she admitted it before I could finish my sentence. New York, NY